Drippy lyrics -sidhu moose wala


Drippy Lyrics – Sidhu moose wala


Singer Sidhu moose wala
Song Writer Sidhu Moose Wala AR Paisley


It’s Not On Me

It’s In Your Hands

Do You Understand?

Don’t Get Nervous

Just Stay Focused

Aim At His Dome

Where He Stands

All Of These B!tches

Is Just A Distraction

All Of These

All Of These Fashion

All Of These Love

And All Of This Madness

All Of These Guns

And All Of These Action

Damn! All Of This Drilling

And All Of This Trap

And All Of The Bodies

That’s Dropping

And Hittin’ The Floor

Woh Just So Tragic

F*ckin’ Up Rather

Do This On My Own

I’m By Myself Stop

Hittin’ My Phone

I Realize A Lot

And That I’m Grown

I Don’t Need Nothing

I’ll Do This Alone

Yeah, How Can I Tell

If That Was My Dog

If He’s Moving Shyy See

If She Was A Hoe

Then How Can I Trust Her

When She Say She Wifey

Stop Playing These Games

Cuz I Need Streets

The Shitting Get Pricey

Could Cost You Your Life

So Don’t Think I Like Me

Ho Nehde Nehde Lagg Na

Reh Maithon Gap Te

Bhaal Na Main Labhna

Ni Insta Snap Te

Dalla Ik Maar Na

Ajj Tere Saamne

Tu Aithe Aa Chill

Te Jatt Ae Trap Te

Glock Meri Lap Te

Te 30 Da Clip Ae

Ankh Jamma Khidi Ae

Te Shooter Drip Ae


Bhann’ke Main Tapp’ju

Tu Chehra Mera Bhull’ji

Baahar Bina Number’on Ton

Khadi Meri Bipp Ae

Te Vairi Mera RIP Ae



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